Customer Testimonials:


 Equine Mag Oil Shampoo:

" I started using the Horse Mag Oil about.Shampoo about 6 months ago. I use it after a strenuous work out to help relieve the stress in my cowboy Mounted Shooting Horse's muscles. I found his performance was greatly improved as a result..." T. B.  from Texas

Human Use Topical Mag Oil:

" I initially tried using the Mag Oil for my fibromyalgia pain. I was amazed that after a short time the pain was greatly reduced and I was able to sleep through the night with very little pain." J. T. from Oklahoma

Equine Topical Mag Oil:

" I had gotten Doc when he was 21. He had already had a busy and hard life. Started as a futurity horse, then went to roping, then onto cowboy mounted shooting. He was very used when I got him and showed signs of age. I ran him in barrels the whole first year that I had him, he always did great but had a bum shoulder. He was just aging and there just wasn’t a whole lot to do for him. The massages only did so much. I ended up retiring him to a trail horse when he was almost 23. This past year my mom had found this product called Golden Mag. The people asked me to try it on one of my horses to see what I thought of it. Out of any of the horses that I could try it on I would have never thought that it would do anything for Doc. I started bathing him everyday with it, hoping to see something. So I started working him, it used to be if I worked just a couple patterns with him he would be sore in his right shoulder and I would have to work on him for a couple of weeks. Every time I worked patterns I would bathe him and put the oil on afterwards, then the next day it would be like I had never ridden him! I did this for just about a week and a half and then I had a show. Now, Doc at 24 years old was going to go to a show. He hadn’t ran for almost two years, he ran like a five year old at that show. He felt strong and quick on his feet like he use to. But the real question was what the end result would be. After the show I bathed and oiled him hoping that the Golden Mag would do it’s job, and sure enough it did! All last summer I ran him at shows and he didn’t get sore once. It felt great giving him another good year in his life. Thank you Golden Mag! " J. B. from Indianna 

Equine Mag Oil Shampoo:

" It has been great using it and see the shine of there coat come out and there mussels relax." M. W. from Texas

Human Use Mag Oil:

 " I have had so much relief that I have been sleeping in.  Have had to set my alarm to wake up.  Crazy good! Thanks just can t believe my 5 o'clock is now 7-8 .  Lazy,  but also walking more so a good lazy. " C. L. from Oklahoma

Human Use Mag Oil:

 " I put the Topical Mag Oil on a sore sprained knee and it reduced the pain tremendously!! Thanks. " B. D.  from Oklahoma

Human Use Mag Oil:

 " After a long 10 hour car ride my back was stressed and tired. I rubbed the Mag Oil onto my right side and back and let "soak in" before going to bed. I was amazed I slept all night with no pain..."  A.K.  SE Oklahoma

Equine Mag Oil Shampoo:

" It was the weekend March 24-25, 2012 at the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Texas State Championships that I was introduced to Golden Mag Shampoo and Topical Oil.  On the first day of the shoot during the first stage Rogain just didn’t seem himself. As the day went on I could tell he didn’t feel good and didn’t really want to do anything. After the 3rd stage I asked Mrs. Adams “another shooter” if I could try their product Golden Mag. She told me to meet her at the Golden Mag booth in about 20 minutes( it was time for her to shoot) but after that she would get me a sample. When I finished the first day I was sitting in 5th place and 8 seconds behind 1st place. I went to the wash rack and began to wash Rogain.  Mrs. Adams was there too and she came over and looked at Rogain and told me that I needed to wash him again because he was very sore. I did just as she told me.  When I got him rinsed off and headed back to the stall he was so perky he almost beat me to the stall. He was ready to go! I couldn’t believe it!  The next morning my dad went to the barn to check on my horse and he came back saying that Rogain was ready to go. He could tell that Rogain was back to himself. When I got on Rogain there was no doubt he was ready.  We ran 3 stages. Rogain ran hard and did awesome. We came back to win the class and Rogain put us 4 seconds ahead ". T. E. from Texas

Equine Mag Oil:

" I was having to get the chiropractor out to work on my barrel horse at least once a month. I started using the Mag Oil on his legs and I would run a bead of the Mag Oil along the top of his back from his poll to the base of his tail after a hard work out. This would relax his muscles along his neck and back and relieve his tension. I now only need an adjustmen infrequently. " P. A from Kansas


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