Equine Topical Magnesium Oil 16 Oz. with Flip Top


Equine Topical Magnesium Oil
16 Fl Oz.   

Topically applied to help soothe and relieve your horses sore and aching muscles.
Golden Mag Equine Magnesium Oil is manufactured from Purified Brine from the Dead Sea
and contains Magnesium and other vital minerals.  
Magnesium Oil is rapidly absorbed through the skin .
This liquid concentration of magnesium provides speedy delivery of transdermal magnesium into the body,
Which ultimately assists with reclaiming optimum levels of this critically important mineral. 
Not intended for human use or consumption. 
Keep out of reach of children.  
Store in cool dry place. 
Not intended for medical use. 
Topical use only. 
This is not an oral supplement. 
Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin


  Potential Benefits of Magnesium Include:
* Promotes good muscle health. As much as 25% of the bodies Magnesium is found in the muscles.
* Helps releive muscle pain and inflammation.
* Reduces muscle cramps.
* Speeds the recovery from minor muscle sprains and strains.
* Relaxes and aids in balancing the animals nervous system which helps reduce the effects of physical and mental stress.
* May also aid in the removal of toxins and metals at the cellular level,
* Promotes a healthy equine immune system.

Topically applied "Golden Mag Topical Magnesium Oil" is readily and rapidly absorbed through the skin.
The concentration of Magnesium in solution is approximately 85,000 mg/L which yields delivery of Magnesium
into the body through "transdermal" means which ultimately assists with reclaiming and maintaining optimum levels
of this vitally important mineral.
Magnesium may be lost through sweat, feeding of high performance blended diets, injuries, stress, anxiety fear and agitation.

Our Topical Magnesium Oil is backed by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. 
You may return  it for any reason within 30 days of purchase for a full refund (Excludes shipping).

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